Mac File Recovery / Online File Storage / Linux Accessibility

Mac File Recovery

Catacombae HFSExplorer Download Web page with information on and download for HFSExplorer, “…an application that can read Mac-formatted hard disks and disk images.”
How to Restore Files From a Time Machine Backup on Windows A How-To Geek article detailing how to go about recovering Time Machine backups via HFSExplorer on Windows
Opening Time-Machine OSX backup files on Windows 7? A Super User message board about how to open Time Machine backup files in Windows 7
View Time Machine backup drive on Windows 7 A Ask Different message board about how to view Time Machine backups in Windows 7

Online File Storage

Google Drive

Account Creation To create a Google Drive account, you need to create an account with Google. If you have a Gmail account, you already have a Google Drive account.
Storage Specifications 15 GB of free storage
Features Upload and download documents from anywhere across a range of devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

Share documents with other users via email or by shareable URL.

Create and manage permissions for files and folders.

Use Google Docs to create and edit documents.

Use Google Sheets to create and edit spreadsheets and tables.

Use Google Slides to create and edit presentations.

For Windows and Mac users, there is a desktop application for Google Drive that makes moving files from local storage to your Google Drive easier and seamless. Unfortunately, this application is not available for Linux users. However, there is software out there that allows Linux users some functionality with Google Drive1.

Screen Shot Thumbnail of screen shot of Google Drive


Account Creation To create an Evernote account, you simply need an email address.
Storage Specifications 60 MB of free storage per month
Features Create notes and attach your files. This allows you to give a little bit more information about a specific file than just the name.

Easy drag and drop files from your computer into Evernote.

Organize notes into notebooks (as opposed to files into folders).

Tag notes to make them easily searchable.

Share files and notes via email, social networking, and shareable links.

Screen Shot Thumbnail of screen shot of Evernote


Account Creation To create a Dropbox account, you simply need an email address.
Storage Specifications 2 GB of free storage
Features Upload and share documents

Organize files in folders

Share documents via email

Download the Dropbox desktop application, available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Screen Shot  Thumbnail of screen shot of Dropbox

Linux Accessibility

Built-in Accessibility: Linux Mint

Mouse Locator In System Settings under Mouse and Touchpad, enable the option Show position of pointer when the control key is pressed When the Ctrl key is pressed, visual emphasis will radiate out from behind the mouse, making it easy to locate
High Contrast In System Settings under Accessibility, enable High Contrast mode A change in the contrast of the screen may make the mouse pointer easier to locate and track
Alternative to Mouseposé? Unfortunately, no. Looked on Alternative To and Linux App Finder and asked Boinx Software (makers of Mouseposé) and WinCycle.

GNOME Accessibility for Vision

GNU Network Object Model Environment (Gnome)
Part of the GNU Project
Free software – part of the Open Source movement
“GNOME is a Windows-like desktop system that works on UNIX and UNIX-like systems and is not dependent on any one window manager.”2
Screen Reader The Orca screen reader speaks the user interface
Braille Display Orca works with refreshable braille displays to read the screen in Braille
Adjustable Contrast Adjust the contrast of your screen to make windows and buttons more or less vivid
Increase Text Size Change the font size of system text to make it more reable
Screen Magnification Turn on built-in zoom settings to magnify an area of the screen.
Cursor Enhancements Enable the keyboard cursor to blink to make it easier to locate


1. Hoffman, C. (2014, September 21). An official google drive for linux is here, sort of — maybe this is all we’ll ever get. Retrieved from How-To Geek website:
2. Webopedia. (2016). Gnome. Retrieved from Webopedia website:

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