iOS Vision Accessibility

Review of Zoom

How to turn Zoom on/off

Navigation in Settings
Accessibility Shortcut
 Screen shot of accessibility shortcut options in iOS
Can Siri Turn On Zoom?

Gestures for zoom

Three finger double tap Zoom in and out
Three fingers Move around the screen
Three finger double tap & drag Change zoom level

Using the Zoom Controller

Single tap controller Show Zoom menu
Double tap controller Zoom in and out
Drag controller when zoomed Pan zoomed content
Drag controller when not zoomed* Move Zoom controller
*When zoomed, hold to move controller
Panning zoomed content: Moving Zoom controller:
 Screen shot of iOS Zoom Controller Panning  Screen shot of iOS Zoom Controller moving

Follow Focus

The Zoom will center around the part of the screen that has focus

Smart Typing

When enabled, automatically switches to Window Zoom when a keyboard appears and moves the window so that the text is zoomed, but the keyboard is not.

Show Controller

The Zoom Controller allows users to move the focus around and access zoom settings in other applications.
Allows quick access to zoom controls

Idle Visibility

When the Zoom Controller is not in use, this setting controls how visible it is.

Zoom Region

Full Screen Zoom The entire screen is zoomed in to the desired magnification
Window Zoom The user is given a small window of magnification that acts as a lens

Zoom Filter

Allows users to put filters on the iPad display
Options include: None, Inverted, Grayscale, Grayscale Inverted, and Low Light

Maximum Zoom Level

1.2x to 15x

Other Interface Options

Larger Text

Apps that support Dynamic Type will adjust to our preferred reading size
Screen shot of Larger Text menu in iOS

Bold Text

OS and app font will appear bolded
Normal iOS font(Right) and bolded iOS font(Left):
 Screen shot of iPhone with regular font Screen shot of iPhone with bold font

Button Shapes

Adds outline to iOS buttons
Screen shot of iOS with Button Shapes enabled

Increase Contrast

Reduce Transparency
Darken Colors
Reduce White Point

Reduce Motion

Reduce the motion of the user interface, including the parallax effects of icons.

On/ Off Labels

Adds letters within on/ off labels to make it easier to identify their state.
Screen Shot of iPhone with On/Off Labels Enabled

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