The Windows Desktop & Starting JAWS Follow-up

Follow-up Exercise

The exercise below is based on the Windows Desktop & Starting JAWS lesson. Please feel free to refer to the lesson or any other resource while completing this assignment.
1. What version of JAWS do you have?
2. What is your JAWS serial number?
3. Please list all the icons you have on your desktop.
4. Please list all the items on your task bar (including open applications).
5. How many items are in your notification area? Give me an example of four such items.
6. Open Microsoft Word from the desktop, and use the keyboard shortcut to open the program’s system menu. Write down all the options in this menu.
7. Open Computer from the Start Menu and write down the name of your Hard Disk Drive.
8. Open up the Task Switcher menu and write down all the options you see.
9. What does JAWS say when you use the command to read the title bar when JAWS is the active application?
10. How do you close a program?
11. How do you close JAWS when it isn’t the active program?
Please record your answers to the questions below and send them to me via email at prior to our next training.

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