Web Browsing with VoiceOver for MacOS

Web Browsing with VoiceOver

Using VoiceOver to access the web is very similar to accessing the web with other screen reading programs. Users will navigate the page by HTML elements, such as: headings, links, form controls, and more.

Note that this guide uses the abbreviation “VO” to represent the VoiceOver button(s). Any time you see VO, you can use either Caps Lock or Control + Option (depending on your settings).

Safari Commands

Safari Address Bar Command + L
Previous Page in Safari Command + Left Arrow
Next Page Command + Right Arrow
Brower Menu VO + M

Web Item Rotor

Open Rotor VO + U
Close Rotor Escape
Next Window Right Arrow
Previous Window Left Arrow
One List Item Down Down Arrow
One List Item Up Up Arrow
Go to Item Enter or Return
Read After Item VO + A

Navigate by Page Elements

Previous Heading Shift + VO + Command + H
Next Heading VO + Command + H
Previous Link Shift + VO + Command + L
Next Link VO + Command + L
Previous Image Shift + VO + Command + I
Next Image  VO + Command + I
Previous Form Control Shift + VO + Command + J
Next Form Control VO + Command + J
Previous Frame Shift + VO + Command + M
Next Frame VO + Command + M
Previous List Shift + VO + Command + X
Next List VO + Command + X

Quick Navigation

Navigating by element using VoiceOver can get a little keyboard combination heavy. So, for those who wish to utilize this functionality without using all their fingers at once, there is a feature called “Quick Navigation”. Quick Navigation (or “Quick Nav”) has to be activated in the VoiceOver Utility.
Open VoiceOver Utility VO + F8
Previous Heading Shift + H
Next Heading H
Previous Link Shift + L
Next Link L
Previous Image Shift + I
Next Image I
Previous Form Control Shift + J
Next Form Control J
Previous Frame Shift + M
Next Frame M
Previous List Shift + X
Next List X

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