Web Browsing with VoiceOver for iOS

The smallest movement we can do when working with VoiceOver on the web is to move by item. This is what happens when we use the single finger flick left and right. In the world of web browsing with JAWS, you can think of the single finger flick left or right as being equivalent to using the up and down arrow keys on a webpage with JAWS.

Function Gesture
Move down the page Single finger flick to the right
Move up the page Single finger flick to the left


The Item Chooser

The item chooser allows us to pull up lists of headings, links, form fields and more.

Function Gesture
Open the item chooser Two finger triple tap
Scroll to different lists in the item chooser Three finger swipe to the right or left
Hear additional actions for items in the item choose Single finger flick up or down
Move to an item Single finger double tap
Close item chooser Single finger double tap on an item or perform the two finger scrub


The Rotor

The rotor will allow us to move up and down the page by heading, link, form field, and more. To perform the rotor gesture simply put two fingers on the screen of the device about one inch apart and rotate those fingers clockwise or counter-clockwise while keeping contact with the device. Continue this motion to turn to hear all rotor options available. On a webpage, we would expect to hear options such as: Headings, Links, Form Controls, Edit, etc.

Function Gesture
Change rotor setting Perform the rotor gesture
Interact with rotor setting Single finger flick up or down

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