Connecting to WiFi with the BrailleNote Apex

Connecting Your BrailleNote to Wifi

This guide includes:

  • Sections from the BrailleNote Apex User Manual about connecting the device to WiFi
  • YouTube videos demonstrating connecting a BrailleNote Apex to Wifi
  • Contact Information for Humanware Support

Using a Wireless Connection

Wireless networking is just a different form of computer networking that doesn’t require cables. It is also sometimes referred to as WiFi or 802.11, but they are all the same thing.

You will also need access to a wireless network. This may be in your home, workplace or school, or in an airport, café or library. There are two ways in which to access a wireless network ‑ through setting up a connection configuration, and through scanning for and picking up a wireless network. Which method you use will depend on the circumstances.

Although there has been much talk over the past few years about wireless security, or lack of it, most workplaces or institutions will have proper security measures in place on their wireless networks. These comprise a range of settings, passwords and codes that are only made available to legitimate users. In the case of public wireless networks such as in libraries and airports, the network itself will provide most of the settings automatically because they are set up to let you log in, not to prevent you. However, before trying to connect your BrailleNote BT to any non‑public wireless network, be aware that you will need to have some advance information about the wireless network, usually via the network administrator.

Scanning for a Wireless Network

An alternative way to log into a wireless network is to scan for it. Wireless networks that have the public display of their SSID disabled will be invisible to a scan, so scanning is not an appropriate way to try to log into those networks. However wireless networks with low, or no security, such as are found in libraries, airports and cafés etc., are set up through scanning. This is because when selected the first time, they then typically transfer most of the settings required in a connection configuration automatically to your BrailleNote BT. This connection configuration is then available to use to log on automatically in the future.

    1. To scan for a new wireless network, from the Wireless Ethernet menu, select Scan for Wireless Networks and press ENTER.
    2. KeySoft prompts, “List of available connections.” The connections listed will depend on how many wireless networks are displaying themselves in your vicinity. To review the list, press SPACE. Each network will announce its name, for example: 1. SSID: Vodaphone; 2. SSID: Tsunami; 3. SSID: Air America
    3. Make a selection by pressing ENTER.
    4. KeySoft prompts, “Entry List for Connection Configurations.” Press SPACE. The first field is the connection configuration name. By default, the SSID name will be used, but you can modify it if needed. Press ENTER when done. In most cases, the rest of the fields will be correctly configured by the connection itself, however this will vary depending on how the wireless network is set up. In some cases, the venue will provide you with a code to enter, in others the whole configuration is provided. Once completed, exit the configuration using SPACE with E and press Y when asked if you wish to save it.
    5. KeySoft displays the name of the network, e.g. “1. SSID: Vodaphone” You are now on the Wireless network.

The next time you scan for this network, it will show up with its configuration listed just before its name. For example, if the connection configuration is called VP, you would hear or read, “VP SSID: Vodaphone.” Just press ENTER on this option and you will be connected.

Reconnecting to a Wireless Network.

This option makes it really easy to connect to a wireless network that you use repeatedly. If you only use one wireless network, this option automatically reconnects to it. If you use more than one, a list of configurations is formed. As the BrailleNote BT can only pick up a wireless network that is in the vicinity, this option will always pick up the one that you want. In the unusual situation that you have two wireless networks with configurations in the same vicinity or two configurations for the same wireless network, so that there is a chance it may pick up the wrong one, you can change the order of the list so that the preferred configuration will get picked up first.

To reconnect to a wireless network; from the Connectivity Menu, select “Reconnect using existing Configurations” and press ENTER. KeySoft will announce, “Please Wait, connecting to (config)” there will be progress beeps as it locates the network, then “Please Wait, connected to (config).” You are now connected to the wireless network.

Review an Existing Connection Configuration

This option allows you to access connection configurations that you have already created, and view and/or edit the information in them. This applies to all configurations including wireless ones.

From the Connectivity Menu, select “Review an existing connection configuration”. Using SPACE, then SPACE with dots 5‑6 or SPACE with dots 2‑3 to move from one to the next, find the configuration record that you wish to review. At this point you can review the different fields in the record by pressing SPACE or ADVANCE and BACK or BACKSPACE.

If you wish to make a change to any field, follow these steps:

  1. Move to the field to be changed. Press BACKSPACE with dots 2‑5, and you are asked for a new entry for this field. There are three options here:
    • Type a new entry and press ENTER.
    • Edit the old field which is offered as the suggestion, as described in 5.19 Editing at a Prompt.
    • Clear the field by pressing SPACE with dots 3‑5‑6, followed by ENTER.
  2. This puts you in an entry list so you can modify or add to any other field as well. You have the same three options for all the fields, and you can change any other field in the record.

If you want to fill in a field that is blank, simply navigate to it and type in the new entry.

Apex Connecting to Wi-Fi YouTube Video from gallagher123123

Connecting to WiFi on BrailleNote Apex YouTube Video from Christina Laty

How to connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi with the apex YouTube Video from Isoto680

Still Need Help?

You can contact Humanware support by calling 1 800 722-3393 or emailing

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