VoiceOver for iOS Topics: Checking Voicemail in the Phone App

Checking Voicemail with Siri

New Voicemails should be announced by your phone with a tone (when the voicemail has arrived) and alert telling you there is a new voicemail. If you’re unsure if you’ve missed a voicemail, you can always ask Siri by saying, “Siri, do I have any new voicemails?”

Siri’s response will be to tell you if you do or don’t and who those voicemails might be from, etc. If you’d like to listen to your new voicemail, you can ask siri: “Siri, play my new voicemail.” Siri will play the voicemail over your phone speaker, so you’ll need to hold the device to your ear to listen. After Siri plays a voicemail, she’ll give you options for what you can do with the Voicemail. She’ll even ask if you’d like to call the caller back.

Checking and Deleting Voicemail with VoiceOver

Step 1 – Ask Siri to open Phone.
Step 2 – After the phone app opens, search your finger along the bottom edge of the screen until you find the toolbar. The toolbar includes 5 buttons: Favorites tab (1 of 5), Recents tab (2 of 5), Contacts tab (3 of 5), Keypad tab (4 of 5), and Voicemail (5 of 5).
Step 3 – On the toolbar, find the Voicemail tab and single finger double tap to open it.
Step 4 – Move your finger to the top edge of the screen until you land of the Greeting button, the Voicemail heading, or Edit button. It doesn’t matter which of these you land on, we just want to be above the start of the call list.
Step 5 – Use the single finger flick to the right to move down the page until you begin hearing your voicemails.
Step 6 – To delete a voicemail, swipe up with one finger until you hear delete and then single finger double tap to confirm.
Listen carefully! If you have recently deleted messages, you’ll hear an option for “Deleted Messages” beneath your list of Voicemails.

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