Victor Reader Topic: Enabling NFB Newsline Service via WiFi

Before we begin…

  • Make sure you have your NFB Newsline login credentials

    For your NFB Newsline account, you should have an identification number and a security code. If you don’t know them, you can refer to your welcome letter. Can’t find your welcome letter? Contact your NFB Newsline Administrator. In Vermont, you can contact Taya Tarr or Heather Allen.

  • Make sure your Victor Reader Stream in connected to WiFi

    If you need help connecting to WiFi, feel free to check out my guide The Victor Reader Stream – Part 2

  • Make sure you have favorites in your NFB Newsline account

    If you don’t have certain publications favorited, you can do so by going to NFB Newsline Online or by using the NFB Newsline iOS app.

Connecting via WiFi

We’re going to follow the steps below outlined in the Victor Reader Stream New Generation FAQ.

  1. Make sure your Victor Stream is connected and your WiFi is on – or, in other words, make sure you’re not in airplane mode.
  2. Use the online key located above key 2 to navigate to the online bookcase.
  3. Press menu key 7 twice to access the Online Services menu, and select the NFB Newsline item with the confirm key.
  4. Enter your NFB Newsline member ID and PIN each followed by the confirm key.
  5. The NFB Newsline service will be activated and a new NFB Newsline online bookshelf will be created that can be navigated to by pressing the bookshelf key 1.

Need Additional Help?

Victor Reader Stream New Generation FAQ – This site covers the various ways users can connect their Victor Reader Stream to their NFB Newsline content.
Victor Reader Stream Support – Humanware’s support site for the Victor Reader Stream includes sections for: training and troubleshooting, frequently asked questions, documentation, software, and more.
NFB-Newsline In Your Pocket – This page from NFB goes over NFB-Newsline In Your Pocket options and features.
victor reader stream enable NFB NEWSLINE service [how to] – YouTube video from user Daniel Semro demonstrating connecting the Victor Reader Stream to NFB Newsline via WiFi.
Using [NFB] newsline with Victor reader stream – YouTube video from user gallagher123123 demonstrating connecting the Victor Reader Stream to NFB Newsline via WiFi.

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