VoiceOver for iOS: The Square App

Logo for the Square App

The Square Register App

Square is a financial app that allows users to manage, organize, and perform monetary transactions. Square is especially famous for producing credit card swipers that work with their app and allow people to do credit card transactions on the go.
The Square Register app is free to download from the AppStore but requires users create a Square account. New users can request a free Square Reader (the credit card swiper that plugs into the headphone jack of an iDevice).

Square Register Walkthrough

The app is organizes into 5 tabs: Register, Activity, Customers, Settings, and Help. As you enter each tab, the first control which is given focus is the applet switcher. Activating the applet switcher button will open the menu that allows you to move between the 5 tabs.


Use the Register tab to enter a subtotal and have customers pay with cash, check, gift card, invoice, or credit or debit card. You can also split a payment out over multiple payment types – for example, if someone wanted to pay a certain amount in cash and the rest on a credit card.
The default interface of the Register tab is the Custom Amount tab where users have a number pad to enter amounts. Here you can add multiple custom amounts which are subtotaled.
The Current Sale button will tell you the number of separate items on the current sale. Activating this button will show you a detailed list of the various amounts on the current bill.
The Charge button will give you your current subtotal. Users can select the charge button to choose payments options.
Add notes on the item with the notes button. The amount will give you the price of the current item. Set the price of the current button with the number pad. Note that the amount starts as $0.00 and as you input digits, they populate in from the right. So, if I press the 9, the amount will be $0.09. If I add a 5, my amount will now be $0.95. If I add a zero, my amount will be $9.50. Press the add button to add the current item to the subtotal. Press the charge button when you’re done adding items.
Users can also setup inventory items using the app to quickly add items at certain prices and track inventory of physical items. To do this, you must switch from the custom amount tab to the items library tab. You’ll find these controls on the bottom of the register tab.
In the item library tab, you’ll see a list of your previously created items. Use the search box to easily search for items. Use the edit button to edit existing items or create new items.


The Activity tab has all your recent transactions. Select specific transactions to see details and issue receipts or refunds.
Transactions will be organized by day, with the most recent transactions appearing above older transaction. There is a search field where you can search by receipt number, credit card number, or by swiping a card with the card reader.


Add customers to track contacts, speed up transactions, and a issue receipts and refunds more easily.
Browse and search all customers. View lapsed, reachable, and regulars with Smart Groups. You can also create your own customer groups!


The Settings tab allows users to customize many features of their Square app.

Checkout Options

Sales Tax Set up Sales Tax on all or specific items and decide how you’d like taxes presented to the customer (users can choose to have the tax rolled into the price or shown to the customer prior to completing the transaction).
Signature Decide how you want customers to provide their signature – either through your iDevice or on the printed receipt. You call also allow customers to skip the signature for transactions that are $25 or less.
Tipping Set up options for tipping. Users can decide to enable or disable tipping. With tipping enabled, users can decide to either set up their own recommended tipping percentages or use Square’s Smart Tip Amounts where, “Payments under $10 enable tip choices in whole dollar, and payments over $10 enable tipping by percentages.” Users can also choose to enable or disable the option for users to set their own custom tipping amounts. Finally, there is an option to add a separate tipping screen to the checkout process.


Link your bank account, view messages in the Message Center, change your bank account, access support center, and review user agreements.

Alternatives to Square

PayPal is another financial app available free for download. Unfortunately, this app is not optimized for use with VoiceOver.

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