JAWS Topic: Windows 10 Mail App


Move Between Regions Tab
Move Within Regions Up and Down Arrow Keys

Shortcuts for Sending Mail

Create a new message Ctrl + N OR Ctrl + Shift + M
Reply to a message Ctrl + R
Reply all to a message Ctrl + Shift + R
Forward a message Ctrl + F
Send message Ctrl + Enter
Add an attachment Alt + I

Managing Your Inbox

Delete a message Ctrl + D OR Delete
Archive a message Backspace
Mark as read Ctrl + Q
Mark as unread Ctrl + U
Toggle important status Ctrl + Shift + G
Search Ctrl + E


The Windows 10 Mail app has had some accessibility issues in the past. How the app functions for screen reader users seems to be improving, but it certainly isn’t at 100 percent accessibility and usability as of yet. Below are a couple of articles and resources from Microsoft on accessibility and Windows 10 Mail.

Article from Microsoft Accessibility Blog on the accessibility of Windows 10 Mail

Guide from Microsoft Office Support on using a screen reader with Windows 10 Mail

Guide from Microsoft Office Support on reading emails with a screen reader in Windows 10 Mail

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