The Windows Desktop & Starting JAWS Follow-up Part 2

Follow-up Exercise 2

The exercise below is based on the Windows Desktop & Starting JAWS lesson. Please feel free to refer to the lesson or any other resource while completing this assignment.
1. Change your focus to the desktop and use your context key to open the context menu for the Recycle Bin. What are the options here in the context menu? If you open the context menu for Microsoft Word, are there more items in the context menu compared to the Recycle Bin or less?
2. What are the two ways you can maximize a program window?
3. What are three different ways you can minimize a program window?
4. Using the context key, how can I pin a program to my taskbar?
5. How do you move your focus to the taskbar?
6. What is the hotkey to start JAWS? What is the hotkey to make JAWS the active program? What is the hotkey to close JAWS?
7. What is the hotkey to open Windows Explorer?
8. How can you have JAWS read the title bar of the active program?
9. What option is always available when you use Alt + Tab regardless of what programs you have open?
Please record your answers to the questions below and send them to me via email at prior to our next training.

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