Continuing VoiceOver for iOS

Reading Gestures

Silence VoiceOver 2 Finger Single Tap
Start Reading from the Top of the Page 2 Finger Swipe Up
Start Reading from the Focus 2 Finger Swipe Down

Exercise – Typing and Reading in Notes

Go to the Notes app and practice typing.
Practice reading what you’ve written – read from the top and read from focus.

Navigating Gestures

Move to Next or Previous Page 3 Finger Swipe Left and Right
Scroll Up and Down a Page 3 Finger Swipe Up and Down

Exercise – Navigation

Swipe left and right on the Home Screen
Swipe up and down in settings

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Enable/ Disable Quick Navigation Left Arrow Key + Right Arrow Key
With quick nav enabled, you can use the keyboard to do all the VoiceOver gestures. With quick nav disabled, you can use the keyboard as a traditional external keyboard.

Exercise – Apple Keyboard

Turn quick nav on – practice navigating through the home screen.
Open the notes app and then turn quick nav off. Practice using the keyboard to write and move around a document.

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