Beginning Microsoft Word with JAWS


Read the Title Bar of the Active Program – Insert + T

Move Focus Between the Ribbon and the Document – Alt

Move Through the Buttons within a Ribbon Tab – Tab

Move Through the Different Ribbon Tabs – Arrow Keys

Read the Item Currently in Focus – Insert + Tab

Opening, Saving, and Printing

Open the File Tab to Save, Open, Print, and More Alt + F
Save F12
Create a New Empty Document Ctrl + N
Open a Saved Document Ctrl + O
Print Ctrl + P

Formatting Text

Bold Selected Text Ctrl + B
Open Fonts Menu Ctrl + D
Italicize Selected Text Ctrl + I
Underline Selected Text Ctrl + U
Read Formatting Attributes of Selected Text Insert + F
Decrease Font Size Ctrl + [
Increase Font Size Ctrl + ]
Single-space Lines in Document Ctrl + 1
Double-space Lines in Document Ctrl + 2


Start Spelling and Grammar Check F7
While in Spelling and Grammar Check, reads and spells misspelled word and spells the first suggested correction Insert + F7

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