JAWS Topic: Mozilla Thunderbird and JAWS

Navigating Thunderbird with JAWS

Show File Menu Bar Alt
Move Through Sections of the User Interface Tab
Move Through Items Within Sections Arrow Keys
Go to Mail Start Page Alt + Home
Go to Next Message F
Go to Previous Message B

Sending and Receiving Messaged

New Message Ctrl + N
Reply to Message Ctrl + R
Reply All to Message Ctrl + Shift + R
Forward Message Ctrl + L
Get New Messages F5
Search All Messages Ctrl + K
Find Text in Current Message Ctrl + F
Attach File Ctrl + Shift + A
Send Message Ctrl + Enter
Close Message Alt + F4

How To Add Multiple Recipients, Cc, And Bcc

In a new message, use tab to navigate the field that JAWS will call “to colon”. Type out an email address and press enter. You’ll be send to another “to colon” field, and you can add another recipient. If you want to Cc or Bcc someone, simply use tab (shift tab) to navigate to the corresponding “combo box” and use the arrow keys to change between, To, Cc, Bcc, and more.

Navigating Windows File Explorer for Attachments

You can navigate through the different parts of file explorer using tab. To move through folders and files, use the arrow keys. You can search within a folder for a specific file by navigating to the search field by using tab or by pressing Ctrl + F. Keep in mind the idea is to press enter on the file you’d like to attach. You’ll do this in the section JAWS calls “Shell Folder View”.

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