Excel 2013 with JAWS: Part 1 Follow-up

Follow-up Exercise

The exercise below is based on the Excel 2013 with JAWS lesson. Please feel free to refer to the lesson or any other resource while completing this assignment.
For questions 1 to 3, use example spreadsheet 3
1. Where is the data in this spreadsheet?
2. Name the columns with data.
3. Add data to column E for each row with data. Name the column “Favorite Food” and simply add a different food for each row.
For questions 4 and 5, use example spreadsheet 4
4. Name the columns with the contents of row 1. Don’t worry about naming column A.
5. Name the rows with the contents of column A. Don’t worry about naming row 1.
For questions 6 to 8, use example spreadsheet 5
6. Format the contents of column B so that they appear as currency.
7. Format the contents of column C so that they appear as percentages.
8. Copy the contents of column B and paste them into column D.
For questions 9, use example spreadsheet 6
9. This spreadsheet contains two columns – column A has Excel formulas and column B has what the formulas are as text. Fix the errors in this spreadsheet and fill in any empty cells (in rows with corresponding data).
Please record your answers to the questions below and send them to me via email at james.allen@vermont.gov prior to our next training.

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