VoiceOver Trivia

Trivia Questions

1 Name the gesture that will read all the information from the top of the screen to the bottom
2 Name the gesture that will read all the information on the screen from the point of focus to the bottom
3 This gesture can be used to start and end phone calls as well as start and stop the stopwatch
4 This gesture will give you more information about whatever item has focus
5 This gesture will turn off speech
6 This gesture will silence VoiceOver until it receives further input
7 The easiest way to turn VoiceOver on and off is
8 This gesture moves your focus to the last item on the screen
9 This gesture opens the item chooser
10 This gesture turns on the screen curtain

Answer Key

1 Two finger swipe up
2 Two finger swipe down
3 Two finger double tap
4 Three finger single tap
5 Three finger double tap
6 Two finger single tap
7 Triple click the home button
8 Four finger single tap on the bottom half of the screen
9 Two finger triple tap
10 Three finger triple tap

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