Siri & Dictation Trivia

Trivia Questions

1 Using dictation, how can you move down to the next line? This would be the equivalent of hitting enter with the keyboard.
2 What does Siri do if you ask her to “Take a Selfie?”
3 Which of the followings things can Siri NOT do?

  • a. Increase brightness
  • b. Invert colors
  • c. Turn on Zoom
  • d. Turn on VoiceOver
  • e. Turn off VoiceOver
4 What symbol on a QWERTY cannot be printed using dictation?
5 You can ask Siri to remind you of something at a certain time, but can you have Siri remind you or something at a certain place?
6 Can you have Siri check your Facebook updates?
7 Can you have Siri write tweets for you?
8 Which of the following relationships can you not add to contacts with Siri?

  • a. Sister
  • b. Wife
  • c. Husband
  • d. Aunt
  • e. Sister-in-law
  • f. Cousin
9 Which of the following apps can you not use Siri with?

  • a. FaceTime
  • b. Notes
  • c. Podcasts
  • d. Stocks
  • e. iTunes Store
  • f. Photos
  • g. Find Friends
  • h. You can use Siri with all the apps above
10 Which of the following Siri commands will not work as intended?

  • a. “Search Facebook for Jimmy Allen”
  • b. “Lookup my videos taken from New York City”
  • c. “Download Tumblr”
  • d. “Search Twitter for Jimmy Allen”
  • e. “Play trailer for Warcraft”
  • f. “Lookup my videos taken from New York City”

Answer Key

1 Say “new line”
2 Opens the camera app but the camera is not automatically set to front facing.
3 c – Turn on Zoom
4 Trick question! Dictation can create any symbol on a QUERTY keyboard – typically by adding the word “symbol”.
5 Yes
6 No
7 Yes
8 e – Sister-in-law
9 h – You can use Siri with all the apps above
10 a – “Search Facebook for Jimmy Allen”

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