Using Mail with VoiceOver in macOS

OS X Commands for Mail

Navigate the interaction and/ or by using Tab. The program consists of major sections including Toolbar, Favorites Tab, Mailboxes, Messages, and Message Content.
Jump between sections of the interface VO + J
Go to Favorites Menu Control + 1, 2, 3, etc.
Get new mail Shift + Command + N
Open mail Command + O
Reply Command + R
Reply all Shift + Command + R
Forward Shift + Command + F
Redirect – creates a new message with a blank “To:” field with the sender in the “Reply To:” field Shift + Command + E
Add sender to address book Shift + Command + Y
Save email as… Shift + Command + S
Print email Command + P
Mark as read/ unread Command + Shift + U
Flag a message Command + Shift + L
Search Command + Option + F
Show or hide deleted messages Command + L
Send mail Command + Shift + D

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