MAGic: Tools

The MAGic Tools Tab

The tools tab includes a variety of functions and settings

The Viewer Section

The Viewer section lets you turn on the Text Viewer, a text box that will span the width of your screen and give you a text readout of whatever MAGic is reading aloud.
The Text Split Button Use the top half of the split button to enable/ disable the Text Viewer. Use the bottom half of the split button to open the Text Viewer dropdown menu. In the dropdown menu, choose to have the Text Viewer appear at the bottom or top of the screen or open the Text Viewer Settings menu.
Toggle Text Viewer on/ off MAGic Key + Ctrl + V
The Text Viewer Settings Menu
Display Tab Choose the position of the Text Viewer (top or bottom), the text attributes of the viewer (font, size, style, color, background color, effects), and the spacing (characters and words) of the viewer.
Tracking Tab Choose the attributes of the focus enhancement in the text viewer (style, transparency, focus color, thickness, and focus text color).

The Lists Section

The Lists section holds tools for making navigating web pages easier.
Links Button This button opens the Links List Dialog which gives you a list of all the hyperlinks on the current webpage. Users can move through the links with the up and down arrow keys. Press enter on a link to activate it. Choose display all links, only visited links, or only unvisited links. Sort the link list in tab order or alphabetically.
List Links MAGic Key + F7
Headings Button This button opens the Headings List Dialog which gives you a list of all the headings on the current webpage. Users can move through the headings with the up and down arrow keys. Press enter on a heading to move to it. Choose display all headings or only certain headings levels. Sort the headings list in tab order or alphabetically.
List Headings MAGic Key + F6
Although they do not show up in the Lists section, MAGic features two other list functions that can help users navigate web pages.
List Form Fields MAGic Key + F5
List Frames MAGic Key + F9

The Investigate Section

The Investigate section has features for probing into content.

Skim Reading

Skim reading allows users to move more quickly through text. When in Skim Reading mode, MAGic will only read a portion of each paragraph to you.
Start skim reading Ctrl + Insert + Down Arrow
The Skim Reading dialog menu lets users set preferences for how MAGic behaves in Skim Reading mode. Users can decide how much of the paragraph is read while skim reading, as well as set up rules so that MAGic will pick up certain text string, colors, or attributes while skim reading.

Research It

The Research It tools allows MAGic users to query a variety of sources from the MAGic User Interface. Users can search words or phrases in a variety of resources, such as: Wiktionary, Amazon Product Search, Flight Info Lookup, MLB Scores, UPS Tracking, Wikipedia, and more.
Launch the Research It Dialog Insert + Space, then R

The Managers Section

The Managers section lets users adjust settings relating to keyboard commands, reader pronunciation, and scripts.

Keyboard Manager

Keyboard Manager lets users review hotkeys for a range of contexts and applications. Users can edit or remove hotkeys, or create entirely new shortcuts.

Dictionary Manager

The Dictionary Manager lets users customize how MAGic pronounces certain words or text strings.

Scripts Manager

Scripts are custom pieces of software that help bridge the gap between MAGic and third party software, utilities, or documents. The Scripts Manager is where one would manage such things. By default, MAGic users will not have any Scripts to manage.

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