Continuing OpenBook

Reading the Document

Read Characters

You can only read by character when in Edit Mode
Read Previous Character Numpad 4 (left arrow)
Read Current Character Numpad 5
Read Next Character Numpad 6 (right arrow)

Read Words

In Read Only mode, you can read the previous and next word by simply using the left and right arrow keys
Read Previous Word Insert + Numpad 4 (left arrow)
Read Current Word Insert + Numpad 5
Read Next Word Insert + Numpad 6 (right arrow)

Read Lines

Read Previous Line Numpad 8 (up arrow)
Read Current Line Insert + Numpad 8
Read Next Line Numpad 2 (down arrow)

Read Sentences

Read Previous Sentence Alt + Numpad 8 (up arrow)
Read Current Sentence Alt + Numpad 5
Read Next Sentence Alt + Numpad 2 (down arrow)

Read Paragraphs

Read Previous Paragraph Ctrl + Numpad 8 (up arrow)
Read Current Paragraph Ctrl + Numpad 5
Read Next Paragraph Ctrl + Numpad 2 (down arrow)

Read To End

Read from cursor to end of document Insert + Numpad 2 (down arrow)
Skim Read Ctrl + Insert + Down Arrow
Increase Speech Rate Alt + Ctrl + Page Up
Decrease Speech Rate Alt + Ctrl + Page Down

Navigating the Document

Find Ctrl + F
Where Am I? Ctrl + Shift + F12
Previous Page Ctrl + Page Up
Next Page Ctrl + Page Down
Top of File Ctrl + Home
End of File Ctrl + End

Editing the Document

Spell Check F7
Dictionary Ctrl + D
Thesaurus Ctrl + T
Find and Replace Ctrl + H
Insert Page Break Ctrl + Enter
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + P
Undo Ctrl + Z

Selecting Text

Select previous/ next character Shift + Left Arrow / Right Arrow)
Select previous/ next word Shift + Insert + Numpad 4 (left arrow)/ Numpad 5(right arrow)
Select previous/ next line Shift + Numpad 8 (up arrow)/ Numpad 2 (down arrow)
Select previous/ next paragraph Shift + Ctrl + Numpad 8 (up arrow)/ Numpad 2 (down arrow)
Holding shift and pressing Page Up and Page Down will select items by the page.
Use the Windows hotkey Ctrl + A to select all the text in a document.

Document Tools

Open Go To Dialog Ctrl + G
Insert Bookmark Ctrl + F9
Delete Bookmark Ctrl + Shift + F9
Go To Bookmark F9
Insert Comment Alt + Ctrl + M
Delete Comment Shift + Delete
Edit Comment Alt + Enter
Say Comment Alt + Shift + Apostrophe

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