Tips and Tricks for Working with Windows

Useful Keyboard Commands in Windows

Minimize all open applications and move your focus to the Desktop Ctrl + D
Automatically minimize, maximize, or resize the open application window Windows Button + Arrow Keys
Exit application or shut down the computer from the desktop Alt + F4

Steps for Changing Default Font Settings in Microsoft Word

1. With Microsoft Word open, use the keyboard command Ctrl + D to open up the Font menu
2. Use the settings in the Font menu to change the size, style, and font. Now, press the Set as Default button.
3. A Microsoft Word dialog box will open and ask if you’d like to set the font options you chose in the font menu to be your default. Before hitting the OK button, select the radio button so that these font options are applied to all documents using the normal template.

Steps for Pinning Icons to the Start Menu

1. Find the icon you’d like to pin to the start menu either on the desktop, taskbar, or in the program files.
2. Right click on the icon to open up the context menu.
3. Choose”Pin to Start Menu”.

Steps for Saving as a PDF in Microsoft Word

1. With Microsoft Word open, go to the file menu.
2. Choose Save as Adobe PDF. This will open up a typical save file explorer dialog as when saving in other formats. Note that if you try to save as a pdf prior to saving the document, Word will have you save a .docx first.

Steps for Scanning with Adobe

1. With Adobe open, go to the file menu.
2. Select Create.
3. Select PDF from Scanner.
4. Select Autodetect Color Mode
5. After the scan is complete, a dialog box will open and ask if you’re scan is complete or if you’d like to scan another page. If you need to scan another page after selecting your scan was complete, you’ll need to go to Enhance, then Insert, and then add another page.

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