Helpful Keystrokes in Windows 10

Opens the Quick Launch Toolbar with focus on the Windows Search bar Windows Button (Win)
Minimize all open applications Win + D
Put focus on the Windows Taskbar. Pressing the key combination again will allow you to cycle focus between open and pinned applications. Win + T
When focus is on the desktop, pressing this key/ key combination will cycle focus between the Start Menu, Desktop, Taskbar, and Notification Area. Tab/ Shift + Tab
Move between open applications. Hold Alt and move through applications by pressing tab or the arrow keys. Alt + Tab
Type Windows-Left Arrow and the active application will shift to fill
the left half of the screen. Windows-Right sends it to the right, Windows-Down places it in the middle of the screen, and Windows-Up maximizes. It’s a really handy option when you want multiple application windows neatly arranged.
Win + Arrow Keys
Exits the current application. Alt + F4
Opens up a search within the active application. Ctrl + F
Selects all text in the current application. Ctrl + A
Cuts the highlighted content and puts it on the clipboard. Ctrl + X
Copies the highlighted content and puts it on the clipboard. Ctrl + C
Pastes content from clipboard. Ctrl + V
Opens the context menu. Shift + F10
Undo an action Ctrl + Z
Bold Ctrl + B
Italicize Ctrl + I
Underline Ctrl + U
Launch application on toolbar. Number corresponds to application starting with 1 for the leftmost and increasing as you move right. Windows key + Number (e.g. 1, 2, 3, …)
Open Microsoft Security Screen. From the Security Screen, users can perform actions such as shutting down the computer or launching task manager Ctrl + Alt + Delete
Launch Task Manager Ctrl + Shift + Escape
Launch Windows Search Windows + F
Open a Windows File Explorer Window Windows + E
Open Task View Windows + Tab
Lock the computer Windows + L
Redo an action Ctrl + Y

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