JAWS Topic: Searching for Books on Audible.com

Audible Access

Audible does offer a more accessible version of their homepage which you can find by navigating to http://www.audible.com/access. This page has all the images, ads, and visual stylings removed which makes it easier for screen reader users. Unfortunately, this is a page and not an entire site – when you navigate away from this page, you’ll encounter the standard Audible.com pages.

Searching for Books

Move your focus to the Search for an audiobook field (titled “search edit”). Type in the information you have about your book – the title or author or whatever you might have. Press enter.

The returned search results are unfortunately not styled as headings, so we can’t use our typical strategy of navigating in that way. Instead, we can use the heading list to find our search as heading and move to it. For example, if I search “Assistive Technology”, I will find a heading on this page titled “Assistive Technology”. From there, you can use the quick key navigation of moving to unvisited links to move through the different returned books (you may need to use the visited link key if you’ve been on any of these pages in the past). This won’t move you simply by title, but instead you’ll hear the book cover graphic (which is usually just the title), the title, then the author, then the narrator, then you may hear “Whispersync for Voice-ready”, add to cart, and finally add to wish list.

When you’ve located the book you’d like, follow the link on the title or on the graphic. Here you can use the form field list to find the “Add to Cart” button to purchase this book.

Keyboard Commands

Function Command
List of Headings Insert + F6
Move by Heading H and Shift + H
List of Links Insert + F7
Move by Unvisited Link U and Shift + U
Move by Visited Link V and Shift + V
List of Form Fields Insert + F5
Move by Form Field F and Shift + F

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