VoiceOver for iOS Topic: Composing Facebook Posts

Steps for Creating Facebook Page Posts

The following are the quick steps for composing a Facebook Page post via the Facebook iOS app using VoiceOver.

Step 1 – Open the Facebook app.

Step 2 – Go to the “More Button” located on the bottom navigation bar in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 3 – Find your Facebook Page in the More Menu – it will be listed as whatever you named it.

Step 4 – On your Facebook page, find the Publish Button.

Step 5 – Find the “Right Something… Text Field and compose your post.

Step 6 – Move your focus to back up the page to the Continue Button.

Step 7 – Locate the Publish Button which will be at the top of the screen on the right side. You will not be able to flick to this control, so you will need to find it by searching the screen with your finger.

Important Gestures for Creating Posts

Gesture Function
Single Finger Drag Move your focus to whatever part of the screen your finger touches.
Single Finger Flick to the Left and Right Move your focus to the previous and next item.
Single Finger Double Tap Activate an item.
Two Finger Double Tap When using the onscreen keyboard, this gesture will start and stop dictation.
Three Finger Flick Up and Down (Scroll) Vertically scroll the page or menu.

Audio Notes on this Lesson

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