JAWS Topic: Creating and Managing Bookmarks in Internet Explorer

Add to Favorites Ctrl + D

This command will open a dialog that will allow you to add the current webpage to your favorites list. By default, you’ll be focused on the name of the webpage which is automatically harvested from the page’s metadata. Feel free to replace it with whatever you’d like. Different developers employ different naming schema, so some webpage titles may not be ideal.

Use Tab and Shift + Tab to navigate this dialog. The sections include: name: edit (described above), create in: combo box, new folder button, add button, and cancel button button.

The create in: combo box allows you to choose where in your favorites you’d like to add the current page. So, if you have a subfolder for a certain type of link, you can use this control to direct the current web link to that folder. For example, I have a Cooking folder where I save webpages with recipes.

The new folder button lets us add a new folder to our favorites. Press space bar or enter to activate this control. A new dialog will open with a blank text field for you to name the new folder and a create in: combo box used to designate where the new folder will be created (as described above).

The add button simply completes the process and adds the new bookmark to your favorites. Rather than navigating to this control and activating it to complete this process, you can achieve the same thing by pressing enter on the name: edit or the create in: combo box.

The cancel button simply ends the process without saving the new bookmark. You can also simply press escape anywhere in this dialog to end the process without saving.

View Favorites Ctrl + I

The view favorites menu is where you can go to actually go to the webpages you have bookmarked. We can also delete bookmarked pages from this area. Navigate your favorites with the up and down arrows. This area will include both bookmarked web links and folders containing bookmarked web links and possibly more folders. To open a folder, press enter. The contents of the folder will appear directly below the folder, so you’ll find them by pressing down arrow after hitting enter.

To follow a bookmark, simply press enter.

To delete bookmarks in this section, simply press the delete key.

Organize Favorite Ctrl + B

The Organize Favorites dialog allows us to create new folders, change the location of bookmarks and folders, rename bookmarks and folders, and delete bookmarks and folders. This dialog is somewhat confusing to use. The basic idea is that you move your focus in the Favorites Tree View section and then either tab down to the desired control or utilize keyboard command for each.

New Folder Alt + N

Activating this control will add a new folder to your current location (see Favorites Tree View). After activating this control, you’ll be put into a text edit field where you can type the name of the folder. Simply press enter to complete the folder creation process.

Move… Alt + M

Opens the Browse for Folder Dialog. Here you can choose where to move the current folder or bookmark.

Rename Alt + R

After activating this control, you’ll be put into a text edit field where you can type the name of the folder.

Delete… Alt + D

Activating this control will delete the current bookmark or folder…

Favorites Tree View

Here you can move through your bookmarks and folders, similar to how we navigate our files using Windows Explorer. Use the up and down arrows to move. Expand closed folders by pressing enter.

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