OK Google Basics


Function Example Command(s)
Open any website “Open youtube.com”
Open any app Open Facebook
Take a picture (with the rear facing camera) “Take a picture/photo.”
Start video recording “Record a video.”
Take a picture (with the front facing camera) “Take a selfie.”
Adjust the volume “Increase/decrease volume.”
Mute sound “Mute the volume.”
Turn on and off utilities “Turn [on/off] [Flashlight, WiFi, Bluetooth].”


Function Example Command(s)
Math “What is the square root of [number]?”
“What is [number] divided by/multiplied by/plus/minus [number].”
“What is [number] percent of [number]?”
“What is [number] percent of [number] divided by/multiplied by/plus/minus [number].”
Conversions “What is [say the number] [say the conversion category: meters, years, yards, liters] in/to [say what you want to convert it to].”
“Convert [say the number] [say the currency] into [say the number] [say the currency].”
“What is the tip for [say the amount]?”
Maps and Travel “Where is [say the name of the location]?”
“Walking directions to [say the name of the location].”
“Show me the nearest [attractions/coffee shop/restaurant/gas station/bank/mall/etc].”
“How far is [say the name of the location] from [say the name of the location]?”
“Navigate to [say the name of the location].”
“Distance from here to [say the name of the location].”
“How far away is [say the name of the location]?”
“How do you say [word] in [say the language]?”
“What is the flight status of [say the name of the airline] [say the flight number]?”
Definitions “Define [word]”
“What’s the definition of [word]?”
“What’s the meaining of [word]?”
Translation What is French for [I am Charlie]?
Sports Did the [Giants] win today? What’s the score in the [Warriors] game?
Movies What movies are playing [tonight]? Where is [Toy Story] playing?
Music What songs does [Pharrell] sing?


Function Example Command(s)
Retrieve Contact Information “Find my brother’s number”
“When is [name]’s birthday?”
Make Calls “Call [name]”
Call [Jon] (also works with relationships: Call [sister])
Call [Cartman] on speakerphone
Send Texts “Text [name]”
Text [Susie] [great job on that feature yesterday] (also works with relationships: Text [mom] [I’m not going to be able to pick you up from the airport, period, I’m a bad son, period])
Check Text Messages Show me my last messages. (Then follow voice prompts)
Send Email Send email to [Robert Baratheon], subject, [hunting], message, [I don’t think you should drink so much when you go hunting, period]
Post to Social Media Post to [Twitter]: [Oh my god the Red Wedding episode!]


Function Example Command(s)
Create Calendar Events (appointments, meetings, etc.) “Create/Add/Schedule a meeting.”
“Create a calendar event.”
“Schedule an event [say the title of the event] then [say the day and time].”
Check your calendar “What’s my next appointment?”
“Show me the appointments for [say the day].”
“What does my [say schedule or calendar] look like on [say the day]?”


Function Example Command(s)
Set an alarm “Set an alarm for [say time].”
“Set an alarm in [say how many minutes, or hours].”
“Wake me up at [say the time] then [the day, or say ‘everyday’].”
Set a repeating alarm “Set a repeating alarm for [say the label].”
“Set a repeating alarm for [say the label] at [say the time].”
“Set a repeating alarm at [say the time] for [say the label] every/on [say the days of the week, or say everyday].”
Check alarms “Show me my alarms.”
“When is my next alarm?”


Function Example Command(s)
Create Reminders “Add a reminder.”
“Remind me to [say what you want to be reminded of] at [say the time].”
“Remind me to [say what you want to be reminded of] when I get to/next time I’m at [say the location].”


Function Example Command(s)
Play games Play [solitaire] (also try tic-tac-toe)
Play music Play some music (opens “I’m feeling lucky” radio station in Google Play Music)
Next Song / Pause Song
Play [Happy] (songs must be in Google Play Music on your device)
Watch movies Watch [The Lego Movie] (movies and TV must be in your Google Play account)
Read books Read [Hunger Games]

Just for Fun…

What sounds does a [tiger] make?
Flip a coin
Roll dice (rolls a single six-sided die)
What is the loneliest number?
Do a barrel roll!
Askew / Tilt
Go go Gadget [Spotify]
When am I?
Make me a sandwich
Sudo make me a sandwich
Who’s on first?
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right
Tell me a joke
Who are you?
Beam me up, Scotty!
What is [Jennifer Lawrence’s] Bacon number?

Other Apps

Flixster — “Show me [name of movie] on Flixter.”
Shazam — “Shazam this song.”
Threema — “Send a threema message to [say the name].”
TripAdvisor — “Show [say what you want to show] near me on TripAdvisor.”
Trulia — “Show homes for sale in [say the location] on Trulia.”
Walmart — “Scan my receipt on Walmart.”


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