Keyboard Commands for iOS

Before we begin…

When we use a keyboard with iOS, we can do much more than simply use the keyboard to type. There is a ton of keyboard commands available for both native and third party applications. These keyboard commands can be utilized by users who don’t use VoiceOver and VoiceOver users.

This guide goes over the keyboard commands available in native apps in iOS. If you’re interested in keyboard commands for VoiceOver with iOS, here is a link to my guide on VoiceOver with the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

General Commands

These commands will work in any context in iOS, which means we can use them while on the homescreen and within apps.

Function Keyboard Combo
Home Button Command + H
Search Command + Space

Text Editing Commands

Text editing is usually the reason why most folks go out and grab a wireless keyboard. There are a group of keyboard commands we can use in almost any text editing context.

Function Keyboard Combo
Select All Command + A
Undo Command + Z
Cut Command + X
Paste Command + V
Underline Command + U
Italics Command + I
Bold Command + B




Function Keyboard Combo
New Email Command + N
Reply Command + R
Reply All Command + Shift + R
Forward Command + Shift + F
Close Message Command + W
Send Command + Shift + D
Mark as Junk Command + Shift + J
Flag Command + Shift + L
Mark as Unread Command + Shift + U
Go to Previous Message Command + Up Arrow
Go to Next Message Command + Down Arrow
Delete Message Delete
Get All New Mail Command + Shift + N
Mailbox Search Command + Option F

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