ZoomText Topic: Setting Up the Multiview Global Window Mode

If you’re working with multiple monitors, you might find it useful to use the Multiview Global Window mode. This mode allows you to have your view duplicated on both monitors. You can then change the level of magnification and effects on each individual monitor. So, you might be working within a large spreadsheet and want to not lose where you are in the overall table, but you are not zoomed in enough to actually read and write. Using the Multiview Global, you could be zoomed out in one monitor, and zoomed in on the other!

  1. Switch to the ZoomText toolbar.
  2. On the Magnifier Tab, go to Window.
  3. On the Window dropdown menu, select Multiple Monitors.
  4. On the Multiple Monitors menu, select the Multiview Global view.
    Use Caps Lock + V to switch which monitor is active. You can only adjust settings for the active monitor.

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